Real Gold Bang & Olufsen

To fulfill your desires to express a true luxury lifestyle our main goal is to provide an option for Bang & Olufsen customers to purchase real gold Bang & Olufsen design. The products listed on our website are directly available from our inventory and ready to be shipped and installed by our Gold Bang & Olufsen mechanics.

We offer Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker and music systems in a twenty-four carat gold plated housing. In addition, we offer same products in an eighteen carat solid gold housing.

Our goldsmith.

A team of specialists, including a goldsmith, have spent more than two years developing gold Bang & Olufsen products. Costs and effort have not been spared. The highest possible quality and precision as a starting point. The final result even exceeds our wildest expectations.


To ensure the quality of shipment we have made our own casing for each of our products. To ensure save transfer we ship our products with our installment mechanics. We don't use third party shipping providers because we want to ensure fully that our products are not damaged on arrival and transported safely. Please see our page Shipping for more information.


Our mechanics have atleast 20 years of experience in installing Bang & Olufsen. They are well qualified and have experience in security systems optionally providing security measures for your new real gold Bang & Olufsen purchase. Installment is done exact creating a perfect solution customized to your wishes.