Welcome to BnO Gold

For almost a century Bang & Olufsen has been the epitome of design excellence, superior performance and technical expertise. This high-end unparalleled equipment provides a seductive experience and is an assault on the senses of its worldwide community, leaving them marvelling at the unique audio/visual experience which Bang & Olufsen provides.

Furthermore, for centuries the precious metal gold has been the source of mystic legend enlightening mundane earthly reality, it being a true reflection of our life giving indestructible Sun. With this in mind and inspired by the timeless beauty of Bang & Olufsen products whilst simultaneously utilizing the uniqueness of gold we have developed BnO Gold for your consideration. These BnO custom built golden products incorporate eighteen carat solid gold and twenty-four carat gold plate.

With this enduring statement we have endeavoured to create a literal translation of our own heartfelt conviction that Bang & Olufsen products really are worth their weight in gold.